The Keystone

Communicate with members via an unobstucted and unique interface. The Keystone is a key fob taken to the next level.

The Touchstone

A stationary kiosk, POS system or information interface that engages members while learning about lifestyle and spending patterns.

Engaged Members

Governing entities such as clubs, corporate enterprise, unions and large institutions can now talk, uncontested to their members, employees and partnering businesses.

The Keystone Platform

Providing a totally unique sales and marketing portal for organisations to comminicate directly with members in an uncontested space. The Keystone Platform can track, profile and account member spending and engagement whilst direct market in accordance with their lifestyle.

Discussions with Members

Talk to your members directly and see paticiapation grow. Research shows that engaged members are much more likely to stay put and recommend the business to friends and family.

Working for You

Our system works for you, 24/7, 365 days a year helping your organisation get a better understanding of what your members really need.


Utilising the latest technology, our big data platform will gain insights that you didn't expect while keeping the interface as simple as possible.

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